VIP Tier 1


The first level of VIP we offer. Lock your chests! Use chat colors and formatting! Have fun battles using cats and bees as projectiles! Why aren’t you doing this yet?!?



This VIP level grants a month of extra features to help in your endeavors on the server, as well as some fun. The following are included:

  • Lock your chests/doors/furnaces/barrels/etc. using passwords or a list of approved users. No more stolen items!
  • Set your own AFK message and never fear being autokicked for afk again!
  • Teleport to the spot you died to save your items using /back
  • Modify books you’ve already written using /book
  • Set up to 3 homes you can teleport to using /sethome and /home
  • Use a virtual disposal to toss items that just take up inventory space with /disposal
  • Wear any block and some items on your head! You’ll be styling with a flower in your hair!
  • Join the server even if it’s at capacity
  • Use /kit to access premade kits in-game!
  • Access /mail to send and receive mail to players on or offline
  • Change your nickname with /nick
  • Toggle how you see the weather with /pweather (only affects how the weather appears to you)
  • Repair any item with durability by using /repair (10 min cooldown)
  • Create signs with color and formatting!
  • Ability to use /tpa and /tpahere to request other users for teleporting
  • Use /warps to access a list of interesting server locations
  • Access to a portable workbench! Use /workbench
  • Create a painting of anything you want! Use /paintingset to place them.
  • Fire kittens and bees at your foes (does not cause damage) using /kittycannon and /beezooka


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